WideOpen Blacksburg

Do you need super fast Gigabit fiber Internet at your home or business? WideOpen Blacksburg is bringing Fiber-Optic cable Internet to any buildable neighborhood or district in Blacksburg, Christiansburg and Montgomery County that wants it. We are installing fiber neighborhood by neighborhood (including business districts) based on connect-ability and demand within those individual areas. Areas and neighborhoods that are able to sign up the highest percentage are typically the first to experience Gigabit data transfer — both up and down. Construction will begin in any buildable neighborhood that makes the commitment reaches the 50% commitment level in 9 months. We expect to have 1000 more homes connected in 2021. Enter your address HERE to see what phase your neighborhood is in!

In the event of an outage existing users should call their service provider to report the outage and begin the troubleshooting process.
Current customers connected through BizNet can use the Biznet support form to report issues. Biz Net Technologies can be reached at 540-961-7560 M-F, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

If your network seems slow, the most common fix is to reboot your personal wireless router. If you want to test your connection, use a new Ethernet cable and plug your laptop directly into the fiber modem. Close all applications except one browser tab (Firefox is best) and run a speed test by connecting to nperf.com. Network speed is monitored 24/7 at our Network Control Center, and in most cases we or your Internet provider will have spotted an issue and made adjustments before you have the opportunity to realize a problem occurred if the problem is on the fiber side. Please feel free to call us at (540) 961-5411.