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Our fiber is the Internet super highway that will meet all your needs--now and in the future.


Please note that very heavy rain or very heavy snow can cause brief outages for rural neighborhoods that have a wireless backhaul link. These are usually very short, an average of two or three minutes. The network and the radios will recover automatically and there is no need to report an outage. If your electric power is out, your Internet will also be out unless you have a battery backup device (UPS) for your fiber modem. The fiber switches and the radios outside of your home all have battery backup which is designed to keep the network up during brief power outages.

If your connection seems slow, the most common fix is to reboot your personal wireless router. If you want to test your connection, grab an Ethernet cable and plug your laptop directly into the fiber ONT modem. Close all applications except one browser (Firefox is best), and close all tabs in your browser except one and run a speed test by connecting to Network speed is monitored 24/7 at our Network Control Center, in most cases we or your Internet provider will have spotted an issue and made adjustments before you have the opportunity to realize a problem occurred.