Survey Data

The data we request on our fiber survey is used solely for internal planning purposes. We are building fiber in the area neighborhood by neighborhood, and need to know where you live and how to contact you to determine where the demand is highest (and we will build in those high demand neighborhoods first).

Cookies and Other Data

When you use the Internet, most Web sites automatically receive some anonymous information. This data may include a record of which pages a Web browser (your computer) has visited. WideOpen servers log this usage data, but the data is NEVER used with any personal information that would allow us to identify what pages you visited.

WideOpen Web sites uses "cookies" to make it easier to navigate the our sites. These small files are stored on your machine as part of your Web browser files. We do not put any personal information or identifiers in these files.

WideOpen Networks and its affiliated WideOpen sites will not sell, trade, or disclose to third parties any personal information derived from survey data without the consent of the customer (except as required by subpoena, search warrant, or other legal process or in the case of imminent physical harm to the customer or others).

Personal information which a visitor provides to us to help us identify where the demand for fiber is in a community will be protected just as if the information had been provided under more traditional ways of filling out a questionnaire or survey.


We follow strict internal policy guidelines to safeguard the privacy of your personal information from unauthorized access or improper use. We are committed to following "best practice" whenever possible to protect your privacy and safeguard your personal information.

Personal Information

We will always provide our customers the opportunity to review personal information maintained by us, and will correct any information which may be inaccurate or outdated.


Privacy Policy