WideOpen Blacksburg is an initiative of Blacksburg Broadband LLC. We are bringing Gigabit fiber to Blacksburg and nearby areas of the New River Valley.

Blacksburg Broadband LLC has been formed as a new local company with headquarters in Blacksburg--we are creating local jobs and locally owned world class fiber infrastructure, with the goal of connecting every home and business in the area with super-fast fiber. If you are tired of paying high fees for your Internet, voice, and TV, take our survey to let us know where you live and that you are ready to make the switch.

Blacksburg Broadband has been formed by two Blacksburg companies that have a national reputation for building and managing world class networks: Design Nine and WideOpen Networks.We have an experienced team of telecom professionals dedicated to building the world's best network here in Blacksburg. Dr. Andrew Cohill, who led the pioneering Blacksburg Electronic Village project back in the early nineties, is the leader of this project.

Want to learn more about Blacksburg Broadband and its business plans? Drop Dave Sobotta an email (dsobotta at wideopennetworks.us) to get more information about how we are going to build fiber throughout Blacksburg and the surrounding area.