The network we are building is "wide open."

What does "wide open" mean? WideOpen Blacksburg, is operating and managing the network, but any qualified service provider will be able to offer services on the network. For you as a resident or business owner, it means something very simple:


You will have a choice of providers and a choice of services. Over time, we expect to have several Internet, telephone, and TV providers on the network. How rapidly we can attract providers will depend on how many homes and businesses tell us they want to be connected to the network. Today, Biz Net Technologies is offering Internet service on our network, and as we pass more homes and businesses with fiber, we expect to add more providers and that means you have more choice. We are actively seeking additional specialty services, including home security, telehealth services, data backup services, and much more.

What is available today?

In our first two neighborhoods, customers have a Gigabit fiber connection:

  • The fiber connection to each home is 1,000 times faster than Blacksburg area DSL, and 100 to 200 times faster than local cable modem service, depending what you think "...up to" means.
  • A very affordable package of 250 Meg Internet--200 times faster than local DSL, and still way way faster than local cable service.

Our vision

What we are planning for Blacksburg and the New River Valley extends far beyond Internet, phone, and TV. As part of the team that developed and managed the Blacksburg Electronic Village, we want to complete that original vision--and we intend to once again make Blacksburg and the NRV "the most wired community in the world." As we add subscribers in Blacksburg, we are going to add many more specialty services, including:

  • Home security services
  • Telehealth, fitness, and telemedicine services
  • Data backup services for homes and businesses
  • Green energy management services
  • Videoconferencing services
  • Video, TV, and movies on demand
  • A wide variety of educational tutoring services at both the K12 and college level
  • High performance connections that will support HD and 4K specialty videoconferencing and video on demand.
  • Specialized support for work from home and businesses from home
  • ...and much more

We are building the network of the Blacksburg and the surrounding area. Stay tuned as get ready to bring Gigabit fiber to your home and business.