WideOpen Blacksburg Technology

We are building a world class fiber network in Blacksburg and the surrounding area. Every connected home and business will be able to obtain "business class" service at any bandwidth needed.

Trying to work from home? We can deliver the bandwidth and network quality to make your corporate or Virginia Tech VPN connections feel like you are working at the office. On our network, there will be no vague "up to...." bandwidth promises. The network will have the following features:

Main components of the network
The network will have a core, distribution, and access (or edge) components. This allows for scalability as the network grows as well as growth in capabilities as end users utilize more bandwidth. Our networks are typically active Ethernet, although we sometimes also use PON (Passive Optical Network) technology in rural neighborhoods.
The Core Network
The core of the network will be a 10Gb platform consisting of one or more core routers connected by 10Gb active Ethernet. As the size of the network increases, the core network will be expanded over time to include additional routers as well as migrate to 100Gb Ethernet when required.
The Distribution Network
The distribution network consists of fiber running up and down streets and/or in right of way. Where we are using active Ethernet, it will be a switched network consisting of 10Gb Ethernet connections back to the core network. In some outlying neighborhoods, we may use other backhaul systems. As the network expands, distribution rings will be provisioned as 10Gb Ethernet with 100Gb Ethernet available when needed. Scaling the distribution network is performed by adding additional 10Gb links where needed as well as upgrading to 100Gb Ethernet when the traffic demands require.
The Access Network
Every connected home or business will have a very high performance Gigabit fiber connection. All customers will have a minimum line rate of 1Gb (with higher speed services available by connecting directly to a distribution or core device). Individual services will be provisioned over the Access Network to support the services subscribed to and delivered by the Service Providers (e.g. a 250Mb Internet service would be provisioned over the 1Gb connection).

Other Features:

  • The standard Gigabit fiber connection will be fully capable of supporting a wide array of services simultaneously, including Internet access; voice telephone services; streaming TV services, including services like Netflix and Hulu+Live in HD format; business class HD videoconferencing with multiple participating locations; and direct VPN connections to Virginia Tech and business networks anywhere in the world.
  • Fully symmetric connections will be available (upload and download bandwidth is the same). This is important for videoconferencing, business VPN support, gaming and very fast access to corporate networks.
  • Need more than a Gig connection at your location? As we build out, we will be able to deliver 10Gig, 100Gig, and wavelengths as needed.
  • The network will be powered by state of the art fiber switches provided by Calix, our network equipment partner.
  • Outside fiber plant will be provided by OFS, our fiber partner.

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